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EAST Amplification is the newest offering by long time amp designer Jeff Bober. Jeff began his “official” career in the music industry in the early ‘80’s with the founding of Precision Audio Tailoring. The repair, modification and building of amps and effects led to associations with such players as Vernon Reid, Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ronnie 10/10 Younkins of KIX and many others. The next endeavor was a small run of low power amps for the Fenton Music Group called the Basic 110. This paved the way to co-founding the highly successful Budda Amplification brand with the introduction of the 18 watt Twinmaster Ten, which firmly positioned Jeff at the birth of the Low Wattage Amp Revolution. Fast forward to today and his new company, EAST Amplification. Launched with the remarkable, full featured, professional and highly regarded Studio2 two watt amp, followed by the Club18, Theatre30 and Arena50, these amps have also seen their share of stages in many parts of the globe. Now it’s time to bring you the latest models. The most versatile and easy to use amps so far from Jeff Bober, with a sound pallet that is sure to please players of many genres. We bring you the new Duality Series. Enjoy!  


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